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10 Reasons Why Pinterest is NOT Just For Women


Many people believe that Pinterest, a pictorial platform for “collecting and organising things you love,” is just for women.  Well that just isn’t true.  Below are 10 comical, yet realistic reasons why.  Enjoy. 😉

1.  The REAL way to a woman’s heart is through pinterest.  All those other catch-phrase quotes are lies.  Look at my pins, now back to me, now at the pins, now back to me.  You thought the answer was diamonds? Well the diamonds are now on pinterest!! 

2. Pinterest is perfect for Repair/Handyman/DIY projects for men.  If you have a Claire Huxtable at home who doesn’t appreciate your fct1manly masterpieces then pinterest is the answer.  You can create a Do It Yourself board because pinterest is loaded with ideas and simple instructions on how to fix, build, and create just about anything.  Believe me, she’ll be impressed, and you’ll once again reclaim your place as king of the hill.

3. Cooking.  There are endless, countless recipes for food.  Everything from rare steaks to vegan smoothies can be discovered on pinterest.  However, if a fire extinguisher becomes a regular ingredient in your creations, sticking with the Food Network for a little while longer might be a good idea too.

4. Date night ideas.  Valentine’s Day is coming and many of you gentlemen are in trouble.  If your idea of a perfect evening with your significant other doesn’t always pan out like the closing scene of The Notebook (where they both die in the end BTW), then maybe aimages (2) romantic evening board is for you.  Nothing warms a girl’s heart like a carefully-planned outing, and good-ole pinterest is full of sappy soiree suggestions.

5.  Presents!!  Can’t figure out what she likes?  If she has a pinterest you will DEFINITELY find something she likes on there.  It’s almost guaranteed that you will discover at least one board labeled “Things I Like,” or “My Style,” or “I’d Wear That.”  It’s just that simple.

6.  Fitness.  Summer is coming.  #enoughsaid

7. Personal Hobbies.  Whether you like fancy cars or fishing (or both), carthere is a manly pinterest pin out there for you.  If you can’t find one that you like, you can upload your own!  Pinterest really does have all the answers.

8. Clothing and accessories.  Maybe you’re not hitched or a significant other is not your priority.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good.  Struggling with how to tie a tie?  Want some ideas on how to mix and match patterns and solids, cotton and corduroy?  Pinterest can help.  Keep up with your favorite brands, and create a board to categorize your style.

9. Entrepreneurs, education, and factual information.  They’re all here.  Tons of advice on how to start a business, entrepreneureducate yourself, and facts about life can be found here.  Once you find something you like, you can pin it to the board of your choice.

10.  Organization!!  If you need help in this area, pinterest is for you.  If you don’t, you’ll really love it!  The major purpose of pinterest is to help you organize pictorial representations of your interests.  Therefore, it is something that can be applicable to everyone.  So go join!!  If you’re still not convinced, then go back to number 1 and read this post all over again.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Follow me on Pinterest!! Click HERE.  And don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.  What do you think?  Is pinterest for everyone, or just for women?  Let me know!  😀


Into the August Red is a lifestyle and fashion blog by A. Brown.  Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.


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