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The Top 20 Funniest Workout (FAIL) Memes of All Time: Turnup Tuesday Motivation


Sunday is over.

Monday has passed.

It’s Tuesday, and if you haven’t gotten a workout in, there’s still time! But in case you need a little pick-me-up, I’ve included my Top 20 Funniest Workout (FAIL) Memes of All Time.  If you’ve ever done a workout you can identify with or have seen someone who fits at least one of these characteristics.  Enjoy, and have a great  Tuesday!!  😀

Workout Fail #1: I Left My Equipment at Home.

I’ve done this so many times.  Don’t let it discourage you.  If you live close enough, use this as an opportunity to leave your car in the parking lot and get a run in!  If you don’t, well, hopefully your gym has its own music.

Workout Fail


Workout Fail #2:  Driving To the Gym When You Can Walk.

If you can walk to the gym, walk!! Include it as part of your workout and your body will thank you when you see the progress.

images (8)

Workout Fail #3:  I’m Going To the Gym To Pick Up Guys In Full Make-Up and the Sexiest Gym Outfit I could Find at Victoria’s Secret and Don’t Expect To Get Hit On Either.

NEWSFLASH: A LOT of them are already in relationships or married.  And your pores need fresh air! Lol.

images (1)

Workout Fail #4: Believing the Myth That All Workouts Will Be Enjoyable.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.  Period. My #Crossfit junkies know what I’m talking about.



Workout Fail #5: Lying About Gym Progress. 

Just do you. Whatever that means.  Your body is eventually going to tell the truth, and your honesty may encourage someone else who is struggling.



Workout Fail #6:  Throwing Your Friends Out of Buildings For Mentioning Exercise.  

Be encouraging, not discouraging.


Workout Fail #7:  Interrupting Serious/Focused Individuals In the Gym.  

If you’re there to socialize, find someone else who is so you can #workoutfail together.

images (3)


Workout Fail #8:  Being Thou Unequally Yoked In The Gym.

If you want a fit partner, get in the gym and get fit too.

images (6)

Workout Fail #9:  Looking Incredibly Dorky During Workouts.

Mirror checks help.

images (10)

Workout Fail #10:  Being Unable to Walk After Leg Day.

#EpsomSalt.  Get some.  You will be sore.

images (11)


Workout Fail #11:  Posting Every and All Workouts To Social Media At All Times of the Day and Night and Weekends and Holidays.

Praise for a workout here and there increases motivation, and is recommended.  However, every workout does not need recognition.  The best testimonial is that look of surprise you see on your friend’s face when you put on your favorite outfit and they realize on their own that you’ve been working out.  Then the bragging (if you chose to do that) will be that much sweeter.  In the meantime, #YouWillStillBeSore.

images (22)

Workout Fail #12:  So Sore You Can’t Perform Any Other Necessary Daily Tasks.

Don’t Overdo it.  #ItWontMatterIfYoureDead


Workout Fail #13:  Skipping Leg Day.

Don’t let it happen.  Be a good friend and let someone know.



Workout Fail #14:  Missing a Workout.

Just kidding.  Missing one workout does NOT equal failure.  Missing four or five does…

Ok just kidding again.  But keep working out!


Workout Fail #15:  The “I-Don’t-Workout-But-I’m-Judging-You-Not-Even-A-Trainer-Gym-Judgementalist-Mentality.”

Don’t do it.  Everyone’s body, AND workout will be different.


Workout Fail #16:  Improper  Use of Machinery.

Not only does it impede the progress of others, but you can also hurt yourself.  Don’t know what you’re doing?  Get a personal trainer, or watch the most beastly fitness guru at the gym and copy everything they do.


Workout Fail #17:  Working Out Makes You Angry.

If you feel angry every time you workout,  something may be wrong with your disposition–it’s most likely not the workout.

images (21)

Workout Fail #18:  Eating Incorrectly Prior to  a Vigorous Workout.

It WILL end poorly.


Workout Fail #19:  Ruining A Good WorkoutWith Horrible Eating Habits.

Cheat days are normal.  But if you complement every workout with a cheat meal you’ll be working out with no results……forever.

download (1)

Workout WIN: That Feeling You Get When You’ve Had An Awesome Workout.

Working out will not only help you look better, but will help you feel better about your life and yourself.  Do it!!!

Top 20 Funniest Workout Memes


All images were used courtesy of Google Images, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


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