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Pay To Cheat: Turnup Tuesday Motivation

First of all, it’s not what you think. (LOL!)

This year, my boyfriend and I have been concentrating a lot more on our health, and ways to improve our fitness.  Being that we’re still young, but getting older, it is becoming more increasingly evident how hard it can be to get out of bed in the morning if you’re not living a healthy lifestyle.   But we all know that in the society we live in, pursuing a healthy life is not always easy.  So we’d love to share some tips with you–one in particular that has helped limit our cheat-meal consumption.

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We began by incorporating small things into our everyday routines, like eating fruits and vegetables instead of chips and other higher-calorie snacks.  Downloading Nike+ Running was a great motivator (Refer to my previous post on the app here).  It allowed us to get active while interacting and motivating our friends as well.  We often go hiking at Runyon Canyon in LA as well, and getting outdoors with friends makes the workout more enjoyable.

These are all great ways to reinforce the work; but the hard part is choosing what and when to eat.  We all like cheat meals, and honestly they are just as much a part of fitness as workouts.  We need them every now and then to stay sane, and rewarding ourselves for achieving goals can motivate us to do more.  It is important, however, to keep our reward parties in check to avoid being counterproductive.


So David, (my BF), came up with the “Pay to Cheat” plan.  Under this plan, you earn $1 for every workout you do.  These dollars go into your imaginary “Cheat Meal Bank.”  You are then allowed to purchase a cheat meal according to the amount of money you have in your account.  This plan still calls for some self-discipline, because one could easily say “I want an order of fries from the $1 menu at McDonalds after every workout.”  This would obviously be detrimental to the workout.  But the plan in theory is to help you keep track of your workouts and eating.  In addition, the plan also helps curb your spending habits, and benefits your finances.  Coupled with healthy food choices, it really can be a great way to monitor your workouts, eating, and finances.

While this may not be the only method for regulating your not-so-healthy food consumption, it is something that we’re finding helpful towards advocating a health-conscious lifestyle.  I hope it helps you as well!  Have a wonderful cheat day! ;D



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