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The Importance of Having a Partner: Turnup Tuesday Motivation

Everyone needs a friend.

Personally, I think this #nonewfriends concept is ridiculous.  So you never want to meet anyone new, or expand your realms of thought or worldviews, ever again?? #nonsense.

Friends are essential.  This is especially true in the world of fitness. Knowing and engaging with someone who is like-minded in terms of exercise and fitness goals is EXTREMELY helpful.  (In case you didn’t read it entirely the first time,  knowing and engaging with someone who is like-minded in terms of exercise and fitness goals is EXTREMELY helpful!!)  I have never met anyone who consistently experiences 100%-motivated, 100%-always-beasting-in-the-gym workouts.  This is where a friend, personal trainer/exercise partner comes in handy.

I’m not talking about the friend that goes with you to the gym and watches you workout.  I’m talking about the participator.  The motivator.  The encouraging friend.

So here are a few tips I’ve found helpful in the past to weed through your crowd of friends to that one golden individual who will push you to higher planes of fitness extravaganza!!


1.  This friend must have goals.  Just like any other area of life, vision is so important.  If you don’t have a goal/plan, you will be wandering around aimlessly in the fitness world.  If you’ve ever been to a gym, you may have seen some individuals who wander from machine to machine, never spending too long in one place.  It is important to choose an attainable goal and stick to it.

2.  This friend must be dedicated.  Follow-through is essential for all individuals involved.  On a scale of one to ten I think a 6 is a good start.


3.  In order to be workout partners you must have some common-ground interests.  If your workout partner is a significant other and the opposite sex, you may not want to work out the same way.  However, cardio is always a good compromise.  My boyfriend and I may not do the same exercises in the gym, but we can meet on the track for a run before we go our separate ways.  And some days when I’m feeling extra beastly, I’ll join him for some of his exercises.  That way we can motivate each other while spending time together.

4.  No man/woman should be left behind.  If you choose to workout together, workout together.  If you are a cross-country star and your friend is not, don’t leave your friend behind.  Like a good trainer, you are there to push them to greater heights.  If you leave them behind, they may never have the opportunity to do better.  Before I started running a great deal, I was often far behind when running with friends.  But when one dedicated friend decided to stay back with me and push me, I found I began to run faster because of that simple element of motivation.  Friends don’t let friends workout alone!


5.  Hold each other accountable.  If you’re workout partners, and your friend is eating at McDonald’s everyday, kindly address the issue.  If you’re eating at McDonald’s everyday after a workout, don’t be defensive if your friend checks you.  The purpose of working out together is for companionship and to push each other.  If your friend truly has your best interest in mind they will hold you accountable.  Not just with your diet but when you slack on exercising as well.  However, don’t be a nagging friend.  If you are, I can probably guarantee that your workout partnership will not last long.

Well folks, there you have it.  Just a few tips I find helpful in attaining/keeping a workout partner.  It’s very important!! And summer is coming soon!! Get out there and workout today!  Happy Tuesday!! 😀


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