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The Three C’s and Other Fashion Anecdotes


ENTJ.  According to the Myers Brigg test, that’s my personality.

I often think I’m an INTJ as well, but hey, who’s keeping track?

The point is, I like to plan.  And the extent of my planning trickles all the way down to my shopping.  When I make fashion and clothing decisions, whether I’m in the mall or in front of my sewing machine, I typically abide by a specifically planned baseline.

The Three C’s. (For My Ladies!!)

1.  CUTE/ATTRACTIVE.  First and foremost, the garment must be cute!!  I am a fan of high and abstract fashion, but some of the things I have seen in my lifetime are just–plain and simple–hideous.  I have also found that sometimes we may think something is cute and attractive but the rest of the world thinks it is horrific.  Just because it looks good on the mannequin does not mean it may fit your style. However, I am not suggesting you should completely abandon your personal style by any means.  I AM, however, suggesting that if you are not immediately wowed by it or are not sure of its fashion efficacy, ask the opinion of your most fashionable friend.  I do it all the time! 😀


2. COMFORTABLE.  For me, this is an absolute MUST!!!!!  I love high fashion, and the stilettos, and the colors, and the bindings, and the finished product, but the real truth is, I’m most likely not going to wear that.  I may design it for someone else, but that is not my life.  (Some of you may disagree! 😀 ).  It is important for me to feel comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, because it will add confidence to the outfit, and will be visible by others.  We have all seen that particular instance where a young lady is struggling to wear heels that are too tall or feeling subconscious in a dress that was just not meant for her.  Be comfortable in what you wear!  If you can’t rock it comfortably, others will definitely be able to tell.

3.  CLASSY.  This is last, but most certainly not the least.  Class is an art, and something that is often developed over time in relation to fashion.  I often attach it to the familiar statement, “Less is more.” Especially if you are of the curvier persuasion, ladies,  this is article-2360040-1AC282DD000005DC-431_634x813instrumental.  It helps me to think of it this way:  If you choose a lower-cut top, pair it with a longer skirt or pants.  If the skirt or pants will be short, pair it with a higher-cut top.  There are several other fashion anecdotes that may be referenced but I primarily utilize that one.  I think class is also defined by a particular type of clothing, and does not mean it has to be expensive.  The definition of classy is stylish AND sophisticated, a look I think can be achieved whether you thrift your clothing, or shop at Neiman Marcus.


The most important thing is to know yourself, know your correct

body shapessizing, and know what looks best on your body type/figure.  It took me a while to find a style that fit me best, but once I learned what I was most comfortable wearing, I was able to build my wardrobe based on that knowledge.  Remember to remain true to yourself and your personal style in choosing clothing, and love the skin you’re in!!  Happy Monday, everyone!

Want to see some examples of my personal style and preferences?  Click HERE!!! How do you choose your own personal style?  What draws you to an outfit?  Leave a comment and let me know!! 😀



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