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STEAL of the Week!!

I LOVE a good bargain. And if you know me you also know how much I love shopping.  Combine those two things and I’m in eternal bliss! So per the request of some fellow bargain-seekers, I’m going to give you a weekly glimpse of my favorite “steals” and their reviews!  Also be sure to email us at to get some of your favorites featured as well. 😀

Confession:  I’m a natural hair product junkie.  I’ve tried several brands, but only a few work for me. One of these is the Shea Moisture label.  So when I saw that they also have a body wash/bar soap line, I was very excited.  Not to mention, their entire line was on sale at Target(s) near me.

IMG_2982 IMG_2983

I purchased the 2-IN-1 Bubble Bath/Body Wash in two flavors (Olive & Green Tea, and Raw Shea Butter), at $4.98 each (normally $10.99).  I also purchased the Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Shea Butter Soap bar at $2.98 (normally $4.29), which, I will admit is my favorite. They smell great and they don’t leave that “I know I took a shower but I don’t really feel clean” film on your skin.  I am giving them 4 stars.  You can find the entire line at a Target near you.  Not sure if you’ll like it? They have really small travel samples that you can try to test the waters. Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think!  This has been your officialSteal” of the week.  Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂



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