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LOOKBOOK 2015: Adventures with Tulle


Happy Monday! I looked over the weather report for this week and we are finally going to have some Summer-worthy weather! (I’ll probably regret that desire later). In lieu of that, I’ve been working on my Summer Lookbook; 1) Because of the weather, and 2) Because I have some really exciting news I can’t wait to share with you all at a later date. Stay tuned!  ;D

I love tulle, and the princess-like look it creates.  So I crafted this black tulle skirt for a Spring-to-Summer versatile look.  It’s definitely been a conversation piece!  They are really easy to make, and not entirely expensive either!  I’ll be expanding my wardrobe with more colors in the future.  Enjoy and check back for upcoming additions to the lookbook!


All photos courtesy of Sam Blot




_DSC1224-002Outfit Details:

Sunglasses – H&M

Button Up – Banana Republic

Tulle Skirt – Original (AB)

Belt – Forever 21

Foldover Clutch – Original (AB)

Heels – Jessica Simpson


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