STEAL of the Week!!! Velvet and Sunshine Hats!

Thrifting? Why not!

Some of my most pleasant moments include browsing through thrift stores with $10 in hand and time to spare.  The sound of that would frighten many the “organized” shopper, but there are few feelings so free as finding a great purchase under such conditions.  This week’s STEAL of the Week was no exception! In my musings I discovered an edgy 1970’s-ish styled clutch, an Audrey Hepburn-inspired straw hat, and a velvet lounge/dress (soon to be converted into something magnificent in a future “BEFORE AND AFTER” blogpost :D).




Alllll for the limited low price of $7.48!!  I highly recommend thrifting if you love browsing, a good deal, and have some time on your hands!  I purchased these items at my local Savers Thrift Store in the Inland Empire, but Google anywhere near you for other great thrifting locations.  Also make sure to check with the store owners/workers which day they get their shipments in in order to stay ahead on all of your thrifting purchases.  This has officially been your STEAL of the Week!! Enjoy, and congratulations to all of you graduates out there! 😀



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