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STEAL of the Week Featuring #FITANDFINE2015!

Happy Friday, lovelies!!

Per my previous post, this week I began another #FITANDFINE2015 weight loss challenge at my job.  I participated in one in early February, but unfortunately didn’t win.  I did lose a good deal of weight, however.

But THIS time, I am SUPER determined! So to kick-start that process (and my motivation), I’ve combined my STEAL of the week post with this challenge!

I did some researching and digging on weight loss, and how to maximize your loss over a short period of time I also talked with quite a few individuals who have participated in weight loss competitions before, and decided to make a few purchases based off of the talks we had and what I have learned. Additionally, someone actually told be I couldn’t win the competition, and that only pushed me harder!  But more on nay-sayers later…. 😀

So after much deliberation, I purchased a jump rope, and a sauna suit….for less than $20 combined (At your local Walmart or Target)!

I worked out with the suit yesterday for the first time, and let me tell you–sweating bullets is not just an expression!


Now before you run out and buy one, let’s assess.

That amount of water loss can be dangerous if you don’t hydrate before AND after working out. I personally am participating in a weight-loss competition, and it is helpful for me in that area. IMG_3308It is not something I would recommend using on a daily basis. And as with all of my weight-loss advice, each recommendation needs to be taken into consideration by a health professional or personal trainer, and must to be customized to fit the individual.

Ok, I’m off the soapbox.

Regardless, I’ve lost several lbs already this week. And this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to try the jump rope. I’ll keep you guys posted! Jumping rope is a GREAT way to get some cardio in and also improve your hand-eye coordination.  I highly recommend it!


What about you all?  Any weight-loss recommendations? How is your weight-loss journey going thus far? Let me know! And don’t forget to have a great weekend!



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