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Turn Up Tuesday Motivation: Finding Your Happy Place!

One of the most important parts of any life process/change is taking time to breathe, re-evaluate, and rest. In a society where we consistently advocate slogans like “No Days Off”, and “I’ll Rest When I’m Dead”, we often neglect the blessing of rest. It can be especially hard if you’re stressed or involved in a weight-loss competition (note to self!). However, making time to “find your happy place” can be the determinant of not only your overall well-being right now, but the happiness and longevity of your days to come.

IMG_3341“No Days Off…”

In re-assessing my life, I realized I most often utilize these 5 steps to help keep my life in check. Hopefully they are helpful to you as well!

1. Spiritual Foundation. I stay grounded by being involved in things of a Spiritual/Christian nature. Many studies have shown that individuals involved in some sort of spiritual interaction including a community of family and friends tend to live longer, happier lives. It often helps me in times of hardship. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as well!

2. Surround yourself with positivity. One of my favorite quotes: “A negative mind cannot produce a positive life.” You are what you think–so a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Start with positivity on the outside and it will eventually reflect and spill over on the outside!

IMG_33353. Knowing the difference between eustress and distressThere’s nothing wrong with eustress, and it’s defined as the optimal amount of stress that helps promote health and growth. DI-stress, however, involves constant worrying, brooding, and bouts of anxiety over something that CANNOT be changed. Learn how to analyze and define these areas of your life and minimize the distress.

4. MAKE time for PEOPLE and then things you love!  Human beings are fragile, and most if not all of us knows what it’s like to lose someone. Don’t wait until they’re gone to put in some quality time!

5. SCHEDULE a time to relax.  If you live a busy life, pencil in this time just like you would pencil in a meeting.  Doing so will allow you to give that much more when it’s time to get to work in the other areas of your life. 


Happy Turn-up Tuesday!



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