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SWORKIT!!! Turnup Tuesday Motivation


It’s Tuesday!! And officially time for another post.  I’ve started a new job that takes up a GREAT deal of my time, so it’s been a struggle! But in between the new job, you know I can’t forget my workouts! So I’m going to introduce you to something my boyfriend introduced me to in order to keep my fitness goals alive through all the madness!


An app that makes every gym-phobe’s dreams come true. The cure for the “I don’t want to leave my living room syndrome”, and the antidote for the “how can I leave home when I have 10 kids to watch” disease.

And yes, I have an exercise app problem. (Mild confession). But how can you turn down a good exercise app?

option1_930x530One of their slogans is “No gym, no excuse.” I’m soooo about that life! There are so many times when I get home late, it’s already dark outside, and I could easily say, “Well, I guess it’s too late to go run.” But not with this app!

You go to your phone.  You open the App Store. You download the Lite version if you’re a struggling college student or upcoming entrepreneur because it’s free. You wait for 30 seconds or 30 minutes for it to download, depending on what version of iPhone you have. You open the app. And they offer you five choices: strength, cardio, yoga, stretching, and the chance to do a custom workout.


Then you choose how long you’d like to work out. If you’re stuck in between not sure you really want to sweat and the guilt from not really doing a real workout like me, you chose 15 minutes. I’m in a weight loss competition, so I chose cardio last night. You say to yourself, “eh….15 minutes…..I usually run for 40 so this will be easy.”


sworkit-pro-circuit-training_sc_2This app will kick your butt. But that’s the point, right? And to be completely honest, no
one is watching you, so you could probably stop at any time. Except when you put on your favorite outfit and it doesn’t fit like you want it to. You are watching you. So go try the app! In those measly 15 minutes? I worked off 150 calories.  It is free, easy, does not require a gym or equipment and can go with you wherever you are!  And the real deal is that when I got on the scale this morning, I’d lost another pound.

Thank you SWORKIT.

Let me know how that app works for you! And definitely let me know if you purchase the full version! 😀  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Tuesday Turnup Motivation! Stay fit, stay, healthy, and stay happy!



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