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The Longest Mile: Turn-Up Tuesday Motivation


This month I revived my 24 Hour Fitness membership. I had purchased a membership at another gym (which shall remain nameless, lol), but unfortunately they were unable to meet my needs. With my intense schedule, I needed something that was accessible at all times.  24 Hour Fitness, although expensive, has that. Go check them out…but only if you have a few extra dollars to spare! 🙂

Needless to say, I’m doing the 30 Runs in 30 Days Challenge again. I know! Ridiculous, right? But this will be my 4th time doing it and I’m more excited than ever.

So, sometimes I like to think I’m a runner. And I was. Until I read on Yahoo yesterday that a gentleman by the name of David Staley ran 81.62 MILES ON THE TREADMILL OVER THE COURSE OF 12 HOURS.


Mind you, that is about 3.5 times the distance of a full marathon. Help me to run a 5K without stopping once!

Now, I could look at this accomplishment through the lens of comparison and say “I’ll never get there. I wish I could do that,” or “This makes my 2.5 mile runs feel like a failure.” But why not look at it as a pivot point of inspiration?  It is yet another demonstration of the amazing-ness of the human body. I may not be able to run 81.65 miles, but maybe that will push me to do 4 instead of 3 today at the gym.  And eventually, that 4 may become 5, and that 5 may be 6, and then pretty soon I’ll be running 81.  Ok maybe not, but you get the point. 😀

The moral of my story is, in order to change my life, I have to change the way I think. I could look at someone else’s progress and wish it was my own; OR, I could appreciate my own progress and use someone else’s to fuel my own. In this way I not only enrich my own life, but enhance the experience of others by affirming how far they have already come.

Let’s spend the rest of 2015 enhancing others and being more positive, affirming people. It will not only affect our physical fitness, but our mental and psycho-social fitness as well!  And if we act on that positivity in the physical fitness area, we might not run 81 miles, but 23 might be a definite possibility!

Philippians 4:13: “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” So anything is possible!

Go out today and be great.  Have a FANTASTIC, Turnup Tuesday!


Read more about David Staley’s Guinness World Record Run HERE.

Runner Images Courtesy of Yahoo Inc.

(no copyright infringement intended)


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