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Introducing ALANAYA

It’s my birthday, everybody!!

I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to see another year of life. I’m additionally elated because today is the OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING OF MY BUSINESS!!

I’d like to introduce you to ALANAYA, my blossoming handbag and apparel company. She is the culmination of all my fashion desires and sewing dreams! Pronounced, “al-uhh-NAY-uh”, she has been in the works for quite some time, and I am extremely excited for you all to meet!!



Please click the website below to visit the official store! 

Also, please follow ALANAYA on social media!!

Twitter: @ALANAYABrown

Instagram:@ ALANAYABrown


The decision to open my own business was not a hasty one, but something that has been with me for many years.

As a child, I watched my mother sew. As time went on, I grew to love the art, and she began to teach me all she knew.
It was not long before I took great pride in the minimal pieces I made, and embarked upon bigger projects, such as garments and outerwear.
I loved accessories, and none more than handbags and clutches. My passion for sewing and my love for all things purse-like met in 2013 when I decided to start a business.
ALANAYA originates as one of my unique names. Equally unique are the products the company offers. More than just your average clutch, each handbag represents a modern take on the norm.
Additionally, ALANAYA has expanded to include some in-high-demand items in menswear.
ALANAYA is not just a product for the consumer, but a member of the community as well. Ever so often, portions of the proceeds are allocated to organizations that fight breast cancer, various diseases, and promote health and wellness.
Above all things, ALANAYA is here to serve you. We believe in customer satisfaction, and hope you experience the touch of love and care each item was made with. Please come and again, and never forget to “Être Exceptionnel”.

Shop ALANAYA!! Tell your family and friends! And please do continue to read Into the August Red for all of the specials and information concerning ALANAYA! Have a wonderful Friday!

-AB 😉


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