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Same Dress, Different Day

Do you ever purchase an item, and love it so much you want to wear it again and again, but want to look like you own more than one outfit?

You can. BOOM.

Recycling old outfits into new ones is a great way to stretch a small collection into an illustrious wardrobe. Despite the fact that my closet is full of clothes (don’t tell anyone),😉 I tend to regularly wear about 65% of the clothing, and still manage to get the “is that a new dress? I’ve never seen that before” comment.

Last weekend I “recycled” one of my favorite ALANAYA pieces–a white linen dress, originally worn solo with some leopard platform shoes (shop the dress here). I wanted a vintage “Westerner” look, so I paired it with my favorite boots and a fantastic thrift find–a mohair herringbone blazer. To complete the look I added another fave, my camel-colored hat. It was risky, but most experiments usually are!

Overall, I achieved a completely different look than the dress’s first debut in Summer 2015. When I do chose to wear something more than once, I usually implement one or more of the following concepts:

1. Accessorize. Wear a different watch, a contrasting scarf, or a different-colored belt.

2. Dress-down (or up). Switch out those pumps with a pair of fancy flats (or vice versa). This must be done with care in order to avoid sabatoging the outfit. If in doubt, phone your most fashionable friend. 😉

3. Layer, layer, layer!! Again, layering is an art-form, and perfect for the ever-changing weather in California. If in doubt on what looks right, always #phoneAFriend.

What about you? What outfits do you recycle most?  Let me know by posting your favorite ensemble with the hashtags #ÊtreExceptionnel and #SameDressDifferentDay.

But no matter what you chose to wear, always #ÊtreExceptionnel. 😆

Happy Monday and happy February!!

All photos taken by D. Richardson.


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