Monday Mesh Sesh

It’s Monday again. Every week I have been exploring concepts on how to enhance not only my life, but the lives of others. And since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I have been contemplating relationships.

Not romantic ones. Not today. 🙃

But relationships with oneself, and with others.

Knowing who you are is so important. Why? Because it helps dictate your goals. And if you know what your goals are, you know where you want to be in life.

And also where you don’t want to be.

Many people skim through life feeling that their choices are independent of their surroundings, only affecting pinpoints of conversations or individuals of their choosing. That summation is often far from the truth. Every encounter, association, meeting, and conversation is an opportunity to influence or touch the life of someone else, positively or negatively. Every engagement we offer leaves a footprint on the mental pathways of others. It’s a heavy concept, but definitely something to consider often.

Conversely, as we exert influence, we are also influenced. You may have heard it said that we are the products of the five people we spend the most time with. I believe this wholeheartedly. So choose those individuals wisely. What do they represent? Not just in dollars, or status, or career, but in life choices, character, and self-conscientiousness.

I love mesh fabric. It’s flexible, creative, innovative, and easy to care for. It’s useful in all seasons, maintains its appeal throughout trend shifts, and can easily add just enough to an outfit. Yet, if not applied carefully, it loses its appeal and quickly crosses over to the “less is more” category.

One of my favorite quotes in life says, “You can be cut from the same cloth, and still make different garments.” As I thought about the qualities of mesh and fabric, I said to myself, “Self? My mother was right. There really is a lesson in almost everything in life.”

Moral of the story? Be conscientious. Be a source of positive, caring energy. Choose your input wisely. Choose quality over quantity…ALWAYS. And mesh is cool. Mesh is flexible, accomodating, and kind to the body, while never losing its appeal.

Be like mesh.

And stay tuned for even more mesh in the Summer 2016 ALANAYA collection.

Have a happy Monday, loves. 😊



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